Robocopy to Sync a Drive

I have a need to P2V a server, it currently has an 11.1TB drive (via spanned disks).  I need to shrink it down before the move.  My solution is to drop the disk entirely, P2V just the OS Drive (a more manageable 480GB) and attach a new data disk.  I need to move the data (~4TB) to an interim location (a NAS) then copy it to the newly attached disk once the P2V is complete.

robocopy /MIR /FFT /w:0 /r:0 /z D:\ \\nas\scratch\D-Drive\

/MIR Mirrors the directories (deletes at the destination as well as empty directories).

/FFT Fat File Time, I’m copying to a BSD NAS, the time formats aren’t as granular.

/w:0 Wait 0 seconds on a failure, keep the sync going, hung up on $RECYCLE.BIN files.

/r:0 No retries when it can’t copy.

/z Restart mode in case of interupptions.

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