XMLRPC [Symptom: WordPress on iOS not working on Self-Hosted Site]

I ran into an issue with my new hosting of WordPress with my WP iOS app not detecting my self-hosted site as a WordPress site.

We’re sure this is a great site — but it’s not a WordPress site, so you can’t connect it to with this app.

First note the grammar issue: “connect it to” should be “connect to it”.  Haha, I emailed them.

On to the issue:

Troubleshooting led me to test RPC:


This is the correct behavior (a browser typically sends a GET request rather than POST).

Let’s test POST:


Correct behavior as well. Why the error?

Enabled debugging in wp-config.php:

WP_DEBUG was already there, just had to change false to true.  This creates a debug.log in the wp-content folder of the site’s root.

cat wp-content/debug.log


I took the minimum-attack-surface approach to installing the software on my host. I didn’t get the PHP-XML package when I installed originally.

sudo apt install php-xml


Reset (comment out WP_DEBUG_LOG) and set WP_DEBUG back to true.




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