Live Migrate, Non-Shared Storage, with Destination Storage Pool Change

I had an issue where I needed to change the storage pool location on the doing a live block-copy-all migration.

The solution is to dump the xml and edit it to point to the change file location. This edited xml is passed to the virsh command --xml [file.xml].

A Quick Issue
Ensure CPU compatibility (I did it with Virt-Manager), it required a reboot, I actually changed it to “clear CPU configuration” but upon reboot it changed it to “Hypervisor Default”.

Change the xml to reflect the Changed Storage Location

In my case I had a larger RAID pool under /mnt/

Final Command Sequence
To finally migrate, with --storage-copy-all, with --undefinesource, with --persistent, and finally --xml [dump.xml]

virsh migrate --copy-storage-all mail qemu+ssh://kvm2/system --undefinesource --persistent --xml mail.xml

Additionally, Watch the Progress
As a means to watch the progress, I found running watch du -h [incoming-image-name] this will show you a continually updating file size so you can see how much of disk images has transferred.

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